FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens after I sign in with name and email?
1. You will receive an email with a password to unlock the Action Plan.
2. Check your email inbox, spam inbox, trash inbox, to be sure you get the email.
3. Within the email, you’ll find a password to unlock access to the private website where the Action Plan is stored. Use the password to unlock the Action Plan.
4. Brace yourself. What you’re about to discover might just shock you to the core.

Is this really free?
Yes. It is free. Just sign in with your name and best email to get it.

Why is it free?
A few reasons. One, I want people to know about this, to know that they can have freedom in life. Two, I like helping people see that they have options in life. In a way, options = freedom. Three, if you sign in with your name and best email, I will, occasionally, perhaps once a week, or once every two weeks, or even less, send you an offer to get access to the Freedom Vault, a collection of ebooks that will reveal strategies and techniques you can use to get more freedom in life. When you make a purchase to get access to that opportunity, it enables me to earn money online, which is one of my goals. In making the purchase, you are helping me reach that goal. So, thank you.

Who are you?
I am a happy, creative person who is blessed to have the opportunity to create, travel, and help others find freedom in their lives. I’m a writer, musician, researcher, digital marketing enthusiast, creative entrepreneur, and traveler. If you have any questions, reach out to me at: DriveWithoutInsurance@ProtonMail.com

Is the Drive Without Insurance Action Plan legal?
The Drive Without Insurance Action Plan is being offered for educational and entertainment purposes only. No promises or warranties of any nature are expressed or implied. Visitors to this website and those who log-in with their name and email agree not to hold the website administrator or content writer liable in any form or fashion due to understanding or misunderstanding of said content within this website.

According to the research within the Right-to-Travel Kit, as long as you’re not operating a motor vehicle in commerce, meaning you’re not delivering goods or services, this is legal, and you can drive without a license and without a license plate, tags, or registration. You’ve been lied to folks! At the same time, I am not giving legal advice and this Right-to-Travel kit is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Are you offering legal advice?
No. I am not offering legal advice. This website, the content within it, including, but not limited to the Right-to-Travel Kit, are being offered for educational and entertainment purposes only. No claims are being made or expressed, nor are any intentions of claims, legal and otherwise, being made or expressed. The information within this website is being offered as educational and entertainment purposes only. Please use at your own risk.


How can I get more information about driving without insurance?
Use DuckDuckGo.com to search for such phrases as “drive without insurance right to travel” and “right to travel information” and “right to travel car insurance not mandatory for traveling travelers”. Also, sign in with your name and best email to get access (free) to the “Drive Without Insurance – Action Plan”. The access gives you a password to a private website that contains additional resources that can help you navigate the this topic.

One more thing
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